A Roof Replacement Checklist


A new roof can provide years of protection for your family and home, as well as improve the curb appeal. Calling your local roofing experts is the first step to getting your roof replaced.

Follow these steps once your project has been scheduled to ensure that your roofing project runs smoothly.

  1. Parking your vehicle away from home is essential to prevent roofing debris from falling onto your car.
  2. Prepare the interior of your house for the project. During the roof installation, small vibrations will be sent down the walls and cause items that are not secured to fall. Remove all loosely hanging artwork, sculptures and electronics. Remove all loose hanging pictures, sculptures, electronics etc.
  3. We will take all necessary precautions to prevent damage to your patio and yard furniture. However, depending on the scope of your project, this can be a difficult task. Please let us know if you have any special landscaping instructions. Make sure to cover pools, turn off sprinkler systems, and keep outdoor valuables away from the home. It also makes cleanup easier.
  4. If possible, mow your lawn. Our roller magnet will remove nails more effectively when the grass has been mowed. If you can, mow your lawn before we start your project. This will make the cleanup process more efficient.
  5. Make sure your pets are secure. Loud noises can be a source of anxiety for pets, particularly dogs. During construction, make sure that your pets are kept away from the site.
  6. A tarp can be placed in the attic or under the skylights. A tarp can make it easier to remove the debris after the project.
  7. Contact your satellite provider to arrange for the removal or relocation of your satellite dish during your roof installation. When it’s reinstalled, it usually needs to be programmed. Contact your provider before you begin your project and let them know that your roof will be replaced so they can move your dish.
  8. If you are replacing your decking, electricity may be required. If you are replacing your decking, electricity will be required. Your project manager can advise you on the best power source to use for our roofers.
  9. Safety is one of our core values. It’s important for both our roofers and customers. We ask that if you are at home when your project is in progress, you maintain a safe distance. When you enter or leave your home, take the shortest route and pay attention to what’s around you. If you’re walking on the site, let a worker or supervisor know. Always wear shoes.

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