Round windows to make the house more beautiful

Round windows

Do you want to bring a touch of originality to your home? The round window is ideal. Full of charm, it provides a particular aesthetic to your home. At the same time, it reminds some of the porthole of a boat. In a large room, it serves as an additional window, but it can also be an opening to the outside. Available in materials, a round window matches all styles of building and gives a beautiful light inside.

Why install a porthole window?

Also called oeil-de-boeuf, the round window seduces with its original design and compactness. This type of exotic window offers a particularity and a difference compared to the usual rectangular windows. Very decorative, with its shape reminiscent of cruise ships, it invites us to travel without leaving home. It creates a maritime atmosphere in your home. The round window is a major aesthetic asset for your interior decoration, but also for the exterior look of the house.

So everyone can opt for a round window that will be in harmony with their style of home, both inside and outside the home. Thus, it is possible to choose a round window in wood, aluminum or PVC and even in mixed material with different types of finish. Porthole windows are generally small in size, but it is possible to find large diameter ones to dress up a contemporary home. Their immersive side provides a unique feeling of closeness to nature, which is why they are found in ecological houses.

Round window: choosing the frame

Installing a round window is a bit special. First of all, a round opening must be made in the facade, it must exactly correspond to the dimensions of the round window that will be inserted into it. Since the houses are all made of rectangular bricks, it is not at all easy to create such a location. Sometimes special devices must be used to mill a round opening. The window frame can then be round or square. In the latter case, Placoplatre cladding is required to adjust the various elements. This also allows to obtain an excellent result. Call on a professional to install your round window, especially if trim work is necessary.

The parts affected by this type of window

Often reserved for converted attics in old buildings, this type of window is now found in all rooms of the house. It is to know that for the bathroom, the living room, the kitchen or even the kitchen; it also provides natural light in poorly lit areas such as an entrance, a stairwell or a storage room. It arises individually or in a row. A porthole window can be used as an additional window in a large room, but also as a single window in a small volume room. It is possible to install a round window in an old house. However, the budget to devote to it will be a little higher than when it is posed at the time of the construction of a new house.



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