The decoration of the master bedroom: a bed but not only!

decoration of the master bedroom

The walls of the master bedroom

You can use different types of paint. First you have the aqueous phases (the most used), which include water-based, acrylic and vinyl paints; They are very easy to use and odorless. Then, the solvent phases, including oil paints and Glycero are appreciated for their rendering, their resistance and their durability; they are also washable. However, they are very polluting and give off a stubborn odor. The third group of murals is called the mixed ones. These Alkyd paints have a high resistance to humidity and are odorless. They thus combine the advantages of oil and water-based paints.

When it comes to paint finishes, there are 3: matte, satin, and gloss. Choosing a matte finish is very trendy because you get a powdery texture, a sober and deep finish; moreover, the matte finish hides the imperfections of the wall. The satin finish is universal, it is suitable for all supports and for all spaces. As for the lacquered or glossy finish, it allows you to enlarge the space by reflecting the light. However, it does not forgive any imperfection because it has a perfect rendering. Finally, it will be necessary to choose a smooth (traditional) or effect paint (patinated, aged, silk, glaze, etc.), the latter being very fashionable. A little trick: painting the top of your walls (about 40cm) and your ceilings in a dark shade will crush the height and create a more intimate space. Conversely,


Wallpapers are back in fashion, but in a contemporary form, trompe l’oeil for example. The simulation of a bookcase is very popular in shades of sepia, dirty beige or black and white. The wallpapers also play on material effects by imitating quilting, wood and even wear. Still others are content to update simple patterns such as small stars for a starry sky atmosphere or large flowers for a neo-baroque bedroom. A wallpaper placed behind the bed will act as a headboard while an assembly of vertical stripes will give height to your ceilings. Finally, the tone-on-tone patterns will enliven your space in a subtle way.

Installing paneling on the wall will be a trick to warm up the room, and accentuate the cosy/cocoon side.

The floors in the master bedroom

This year, we see very widely a top 4 of materials taking place! For the bedroom, seagrass is the big favorite. Derived from carpet, it creates a cocooning atmosphere and is synonymous with well-being. The second place goes to cork. 100% natural material, like seagrass, it is very comfortable and provides good thermal insulation. The bamboo slats bring a warm character, assembled with paneled walls, the inhabitants of the room will feel very protected. Finally, the carpet remains the ideal covering for the sleeping area in terms of softness, insulation and comfort. In addition, it can be of any color, unlike the other three materials which will feature the colors of nature. But for the carpet, watch out for allergies!


In addition to being decorative, carpets can hide many defects, segment spaces but also serve as acoustic insulation. In terms of decoration, the trend is for carpets with high and long fibers (not short). The flagship materials are wool, cotton, but also furs (sheep, rabbit), acrylics, polyester, treated gently to bring a cocooning touch.

Sheets, associated with blankets are outdated; now opt for a simple duvet cover that you will cover with a lot of cushions! In terms of materials, linen is back in service! It is acclaimed for its comfort, its longevity and its naturalness; its creaseability and its unattractive price are its negative points. Cotton remains the big favorite again this year for its accessibility. The uni is favored in favor of any pattern. Nevertheless, large colored ranges of 2 or 3 colors are also in trend. Also think about the bedspreads that dress the marital cradle.


The purpose of the curtains is to make the room dark, or at least to filter the light to preserve privacy. Choose thick, heavy drapes, cotton or linen curtains and your room will seem very intimate and closed. On the contrary, if you can opt for curtains in silk or polyester, you will obtain a more airy effect; transparency and openness to the outside will be honoured. Although a bit old-fashioned, curtains have come back to the fore thanks to various forms such as blinds or Japanese panels. A little trick: attach a rail to the ceiling around your bed (leave one meter of circulation between the rail and the bed), in order to slide a curtain there, this will create a cozy nest effect, much sought after in parental bedrooms.

When it comes to textiles, never forget that the more fabrics there are in a room, the more noise is absorbed. Plaids, curtains, bedspreads, rugs, sheets… will be your allies in terms of sound insulation.

Note that the trend is for fabrics that can be applied to furniture: we hunt for a piece, and we cover it partially or entirely with a fabric!

Storage for a master bedroom

The dressing room has driven out the bedroom wardrobe! The headboard plays more and more storage in the master suite. Indeed, storage created on both sides but also frontally, can contain bedside lamp, books, alarm clock and even a small notebook to write down your dreams! Large chests and storage trunks will find a place at the foot of the bed. If the bed is mounted on a platform, large storage drawers on the floor will allow you to store quantities of belongings. Finally, the walls of cupboards created to measure by specialized companies will allow you to see the storage on a large scale!

In the case of a parental suite, consider segmenting the bedroom into different spaces. A corner can be dedicated to the dressing room, a second can be dedicated to relaxation or reading and a last one to sleep. The bathroom is also more and more often integrated into the bedroom (the headboard used to hide the bathtub for example). You can then delimit the different zones with carpets or unevenness (steps), by placing the bathroom in an alcove for example, or by acting on the different floor coverings. Japanese panels and glass walls are also a way of segmenting spaces.


For the choice of objects in the bedroom, the trend balances between minimalist design and vintage/aged objects. The enthroned foot tubs found in the master suites with bathroom, really give the room character. The mottled chandeliers also contribute to the decoration. The Gustavian style furniture (wood brushed in white or light blue) will give you a soft and relaxing look. As a final touch, a painting or a painting: nothing better to meditate on before sinking into the arms of Morpheus!


The light will be rather yellow in a room, this is more subtle than white light. It will also be multiple, that is to say made up of several lamps placed in different places in order to avoid too frank and direct light. If you only have a single large ceiling light, use a dimmer switch to dim the lighting. As for the models, the large spot lights on feet create a studio atmosphere, the small long suspensions (one meter from the ground) bring an intimate atmosphere, while a chandelier gives the space a little romanticism.



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