How to decorate a girl’s room?

decorate a girl's room

A few basic principles

First of all, the bedroom is the only room that is entirely dedicated to your child. He must therefore feel good about it. Be sure to match the decoration of this room with his tastes and desires.

Also keep in mind that children’s tastes change as they grow. If your daughter wants a room dedicated to her favorite cartoon character, be sure to satisfy this desire in small touches. For example, a shelf to display his stuffed animals, a sticker, a cushion or bed linen bearing his image… Choose elements that can easily be changed when your child’s tastes change. Avoid murals or wallpaper that is too marked.

What colors to choose for a girl’s room?

If you can’t escape pink in your child’s room, a single section of wall is more than enough to bring a “little girl” connotation. Prefer pink in light touches (curtains, cushions, bed linen, rugs) and combine it with white and taupe, for example. You can mix the different tones by coordinating pale pink with fuchsia pink to add contrast.

How to replace pink?

If pink seems like the perfect fit for a girl’s room, other colors can also be very feminine. For example, purple remains a color with a feminine connotation and effectively replaces pink. Parma or lilac go very well with white, light gray or beige to create a soft and romantic atmosphere.

In general, soft colors create a calm and restful atmosphere that is very suitable for a girl’s room. Pale yellow, anise green, beige, off-white can be the best effect if they are well associated.

The more masculine colors

Do not forbid yourself to decorate a girl’s room with colors with more masculine connotations such as blue or gray. Indeed, contrary to popular belief, many little girls like blue.

But, in practice, how to make a blue room a feminine room? It is better to associate blue with white rather than with gray which will amplify the masculine aspect. Also think about shades of color: combine different shades of blue (turquoise, pale blue, indigo, blue-green, etc.). Finally, to counterbalance the masculine aspect of blue, play on patterns such as polka dots or flowers on bed linen or curtains. Also think of the white stickers on a blue wall representing arabesques, butterflies or birds…

Beware, however, of the color blue in a room because, depending on the lighting, it can give a “cold” appearance to the room (especially in rooms facing north).

How to dress the walls?

The most suitable coatings are paints and wallpaper. For paints, be sure to opt for washable paint so that you can clean it without risk. Please note: washable paints are not washable. They are not intended to be scrubbed and cleaned with a detergent product.

There are also playful paints that are very popular with children, such as “blackboard” paints designed to be able to draw with chalk, magnetic or even fluorescent paints.

Painting offers many decorative possibilities. Large plain wall sections are no longer the only solution. You can make strips (vertical or horizontal) of different colors and different thicknesses. Using stencils, you can also create patterns such as polka dots, flowers, or any other pattern suited to the theme of your room. However, if you opt for one of these solutions, avoid applying it to all the walls so as not to overload the space. Finally, if the “final” side of a stencil decoration bothers you, the option of adhesive stickers remains a good alternative.

The wallpaper

Contrary to popular belief, the wallpaper offers very modern colors and patterns that have their place perfectly in children’s rooms. It can be applied on an entire wall, on a vertical strip, or only from a certain height… If you choose a wallpaper with marked patterns, apply it only on one or even two walls. It will only be better highlighted. You can then recall its pattern by customizing a piece of furniture with the remains of the scroll.

Finally, wallpaper and paint can be perfectly combined in the same room.

A few decorative tips

To make your room a room clearly dedicated to a child, some decorative objects can be arranged for a more playful atmosphere. Opt for light fixtures with unusual shapes such as ball-shaped pendant lights or garlands with colored balls. Have pouffes and/or colorful and comfortable rugs for play sessions. Provide playful storage at a height suitable for children to store all the toys. Finally, think of the essential furniture in a pretty little girl’s room: the dressing table associated with a pretty mirror.



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