How often to paint the walls?

paint the walls

A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into the walls of your home and help make it look brand new. There are many factors to consider when deciding if it’s time to paint your walls. Although today’s paints are designed to last five to ten years, this time frame may not be suitable for your situation, or that of all rooms in your home. Consider wear, the function of each part, paint finish, and whether it’s time for a color change. Adult Bedrooms A matte or flat paint in an adult bedroom will do as these are generally low-use areas. The style change is most likely to dictate the timing of

Children’s bedrooms Children’s bedrooms are a completely different story from those of adults. Often used as playrooms, children’s rooms are more subject to wear and tear. Eggshell or satin paint in children’s rooms will give you the long-lasting finish you need to keep them clean. It is always best to refresh the paint coat every two or three years. Kitchens and bathrooms

 These parts are often the most used. Kitchens and bathrooms are painted with the most durable and washable finishes that can withstand the activities of the room. Paints with gloss and semi-gloss finishes tend to stand up to the smearing of food spills, messes from bath time, and everything else that goes into those high-traffic rooms. And since humidity can also wreak havoc, pay close attention to the effects it can have on your painted surfaces. That being said, it’s generally recommended that you apply a new coat of paint to your kitchen and bathrooms every three to four years.

Living rooms and dining rooms

Even though these are some of your most used rooms, the activities that take place there are usually not as damaging as in the bathroom and kitchen. Often an eggshell finish should be fine, due to the generally light-trafficked nature of the room. Your paint color preference may change before it wears off, but the lifespan of your living room and dining room wall paint should be five to seven years.


The walls of the corridors are put to the test. Everyone walks through them leaving dirt marks, scrapes, etc. As with kitchens and bathrooms, it is recommended to use a finish paint that can withstand a certain amount of friction in hallways. A gloss to satin finish will do. House painters recommend that homeowners paint these areas every two to three years.

Other Considerations While these are general recommendations, there are other factors to consider when deciding when to repaint and how long the paint will last on interior walls. A quality paint job starts with proper preparation and a good primer base.

prepared , the paint should last longer. The preparation of the surface to be painted is often what separates the professionals from the amateurs. A professional paint job will look better and last longer thanks to the careful prep work that goes into it. STYLE AND PERSONAL PREFERENCES Painting is an easy and economical way to update the style of your home. A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into walls that are looking shabby. A new color can take a home from old-fashioned to trendy in no time. Whether or not your surface needs repainting due to wear and tear, you may decide to apply a fresh coat of paint to change the look.



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