25 inspirations for a successful modern kitchen layout

modern kitchen layout

The modern kitchen must be user-friendly to distinguish itself from the designer kitchen. We like it chic and sober, between raw materials and noble materials. Through our kitchen decor inspirations, discover everything you need to know to make the modern kitchen more user-friendly.

The modern kitchen is often defined as a designer kitchen devoid of style and personality. However, the modern kitchen is quite the opposite. It is a real authentic cuisine full of charm that mixes conviviality and style. Inspired by several eras and several atmospheres at the same time, the modern kitchen combines simplicity, tradition and decoration in tune with the times.

What layout for a modern kitchen?

Small in size, open to the living room in an American style kitchen or rather very spacious with a dining area, the modern kitchen is very comfortable and very warm. In terms of its layout, the modern kitchen is adorned with all possible shapes, from the U-shaped kitchen to the L-shaped kitchen , including the kitchen island and the kitchen in length . It all depends on the area you have. In any case, the modern kitchen takes on the air of a second living room in the house by the simple fact that it is not dressed in a single style, but that its spirit is based on the mixture of materials and universes. to become a motley modern style.

How to design a modern kitchen?

Thus, the modern kitchen is necessarily convivial. Here, we like associations that make it more personal and give it a unique character. In terms of materials, wood combines with marble, concrete or even steel. In terms of colors, everything is allowed provided you choose a combination of a maximum of three colors. For the floor, everything is still allowed: concrete floor , bleached parquet, old parquet, floor tiles, cement tiles , it’s up to you! Japanese-inspired, 100% Scandinavian, entirely white enhanced with acid colors or entirely black, you will be spoiled for choice to make your modern kitchen a personal space. One thing is certain, this place is above all friendly with the help of decorative accessories headlights that set the tone. From the copper top which responds to the gold trend which persists to the omnipresence of light wood elements which is part of a Nordic universe, through a combination of vintage objects for a modern kitchen with a recycled spirit, … The kitchen modern must look like you, live and evolve in tune with the times to offer the atmosphere of your choice.

If your kitchen is large enough to accommodate a dining area, have fun mixing styles again by mismatching the table chairs, changing the tablecloth regularly, sublimating everything with an offbeat suspension that stands out, and so on.

The proof in 25 inspirations!

François Leblanc, at the head of the Gallery S. Bensimon has designed a room where the entrance gives access to the dining room and kitchen which are grouped together in a spacious and convivial space.

François Leblanc was inspired for this modern and friendly kitchen by an Ikea island to put a marble worktop and a vintage style for the dining room decorated with a table and chairs combining wood and metal . To break up the dark hues, he added gold and gold colored pendant lights, and personal photographs of different sizes.



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